Zero Fee Credit Card Processing for Contractors

Accepting payment for home contracting work can be a challenge. By definition, the work is done on location, usually in a person's home. This means that payment needs to be collected on-site, limiting your ability to accept a range of payment methods. 

In years past, as a home contractor, you likely accepted checks or cash as your primary payment methods. But what if you could expand to accept credit card payments? This new payment method is a win-win because it makes payment more convenient for your customers and you and your business.

We know what you are thinking! You don't want to accept credit card payments! The fees are too high, and running cards through my machines once you get back to the office is just tedious. Take a minute to consider Loyalty Health's credit card processing options. 

Our merchant processing solutions are based on data-driven research and experience. We start by equipping you with a free credit card terminal that will authorize your customer's transactions in just seconds. The mobile card reader and rapid authorization will make it easy and convenient to take payment on-site at your job sites.

Next, we put the money in your hands, which essentially gets you paid the same as cash. We can batch out your card sales and help you receive all your money in just a matter of hours, rather than days. You control your income because our credit card processing options arrive faster than next-day funding. 

Finally, use our capabilities to help your business grow. The credit card processing reports available through our system will allow you to analyze a wide variety of information that will be valuable to your home contracting business.

Accepting credit cards as a home contractor is that simple! With Loyalty Heath, there are no hidden costs for you to incorporate credit card processing into your home contracting business. There are no annual, PCI Compliance, statement, or batch fees. Additionally, our services come to you risk-free. There are no long-term contracts or cancellation fees so you can give it a try with no risk. 

Loyalty Health is here to put money back into your business's bottom line. Stop worrying about the massive credit card processing expenses and start watching your profits grow! 

We accept all card types, including:

  • Credit
  • Debit
  • EMV Smart Chip Cards
  • NFC Tap and Go (i.e., Apple Pay)
  • Mobile Payments

Learn more about Loyalty Health's merchant processing options by scheduling a 20-minute call with your Success Manager today. You are going to love what you hear! Or you can call 800-411-6022 today and talk to one of our specialists about how we can help your business thrive.