Pricing & Services

Pricing & Services

Unlimited New Customers + Reviews + Referrals PLUS...
Enjoy Google Page #1 GBP/LSA & Maps Rankings!

Loyalty Health provides highly effective and specialized marketing technologies for your brand


Our unique proprietary services are applied You receive Unlimited new customer inquires You receive Unlimited 5-Star Reviews You receive Unlimited friends & family referrals Your expenses drop & profit margins soar
proprietary customer unlimited family expenses

1Loyalty Health’s Exclusive Invisible Geofencing for Businesses

Cutting edge mobile marketing is here.

A Geofence is an invisible virtual fence we can put around any building, home or entire neighborhood, in any geometric shape and when a homeowner or anyone crosses through the invisible virtual geofence they will receive one of your custom designed business display ads on their mobile device.

These perfectly timed ads drive new and exclusive customers into your business like magic!

  • Put a Geofence around your competitions building and re-direct their customers to you

  • Say you’re a Roofing contractor put a Geofence around an entire neighborhood after a bad storm

  • Geofence a new homeowners house, welcome them to the neighborhood and invite them to come visit your business (possibly offer a free service/sample). New homeowners are like gold to your business and you need to grab their loyalty before the competition does.

  • Use Geofencing to target convention centers, stadiums, sporting events, trade shows.

Loyalty Health’s Invisible Geofencing for Businesses is unlike anything you have ever seen or used before and is only available with our exclusive proprietary services!


  • Automated Reviews from Your Customers
  • Using Email / Text / Custom QR Code
  • 98% Success Rate Getting Reviews


  • Automated Referrals from Your Customers
  • Optional Incentives for Additional Referrals
  • 4X More Likely to Buy

FACT: Online REVIEWS and customer REFERRALS

have always produced you new business.

You already know they work… CALL US TODAY!



  • FREE Customer pay by CREDIT CARD service!
  • FREE Customer pay by SMS/TEXT service!
  • FREE Next day funding deposit same as cash!
  • FREE Credit card terminal
  • Save thousands monthly in unnecessary bank fees!
  • Close more customers with multi-payment options!
  • Cardholder pays the discount rate, not the business owner!



GUARANTEED 100% trackable and transparent

GUARANTEED 100% Exclusive new customer inquiries

GUARANTEED Automated 5-star review software

GUARANTEED Automated Friends & Family referral software

GUARANTEED Month to Month + No long term contracts

GUARANTEED 100% Risk FREE Cancel anytime

GUARANTEED Best return on investment you will ever have



UNLIMITED Customers/ Reviews/ Referrals

EVERYTHING is included

INVISIBLE Geofencing to dominate your competition

INCLUDES 50,000 Custom Geofencing Displays (Amazing)

24/7/365 Monitoring and performance testing of your account

DEDICATED Client Success Manager assigned to your business

CUSTOM QR Codes that generate business like magic

AUTOMATED Unlimited 5-Star Reviews Software

AUTOMATED Review responses to all your customers reviews

AUTOMATED Unlimited Friends & Family Referrals Software

AUTOMATED Unlimited Upsell Surveys/feedback from your customers

AUTOMATED 50+ Online directories synchronized to your GBP

AUTOMATED Voice search set-up (Siri, Alexa, Bixby, Cortana, etc.)

AUTOMATED Website analysis and customer experience monitoring

AUTOMATED Analysis of your TOP-3 competitors in your area

GOOGLE Local Service Ads (LSA) Support

GOOGLE Business Profile GBP/GMB + Maps Support

ZERO FEE Credit/Debit card processing + FREE card terminal

PLUS So much more ALL included!

UNLIMITED Exclusive New Customers

UNLIMITED 5-Star Reviews + UNLIMITED Friends & Family Referrals

ZERO Fee Customer Credit Card Processing

Then ONLY $1997.00 Per Month Afterwards!

100% Risk Free / Month to Month / Cancel Anytime

30 Day Free Trial