Get Geofencing for Home Contractors

Home contractors are an essential group of professionals that most homeowners need to call on for essential home needs. Often, the needs surrounding home contracting are geared toward a niche audience. So how do you drive consumers to your business when their home repair needs surface? One powerful option is geofencing. Read on to hear how geofencing can help you grow your client base in real-time. 

Imagine this: A homeowner has a plumbing issue that he could call a professional for, but instead, he heads to Home Depot to try to figure out how to fix it himself. As he is frustrated, working on his project at home, an ad for your home contracting service pops up on his phone, and he calls you to complete the job. 

This is exactly how geofencing works. Geolocation data targets users inside an established location and delivers content based on their location and previously visited places. This real-time location-based marketing can target customers that fit your target audience.

Geofencing marketing campaigns create virtual fences around properties, allowing business owners to increase online engagement, build brand recognition, and drive sales. These zones are created using a Global Positioning System (GPS) or Radio Frequency Identifiers (RFID) to define the preferred virtual boundary. When a consumer enters this boundary, an email, text message, or similar notification pops up on your smartphone. It offers you a coupon, discount, or another call-to-action for that specific store.

Home contracting companies can use geofence advertising in many ways. For instance, a geofence can be installed around a particular hardware store. Then, when consumers enter the area around that store, they receive ads for your home contracting service. 

How can geofencing work for you?

  • Step One: Select a small area to target specific consumers.
  • Step Two: Target specific places within the selected boundaries, such as a home repair store or a competing home contractor.
  • Step Three: Decide on your message or call to action. For example, do you want to send text messages, emails, or push notifications? 
  • Step Four: Utilize remarketing and retargeting. Remarketing and retargeting keep your company on the consumer’s radar.

Loyalty Health is here to answer all of your geofencing questions! Put our professionals to work, and we will help you use geofencing to grow your customer base and business. Loyalty Health earns your business every day, and that is how it should be! It is risk-free to get started, as we have no long-term contracts or cancellation fees. 

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