Boost Your SEO Rankings With Online Reviews

4 Tips for Encouraging and Leveraging Online Reviews

A business can benefit immensely from online reviews. Search engines see reviews as fresh content. They also use them to create trust and authority. Google does not want the first search results to be for a company that has mediocre customer reviews. To get the best out of reviews, companies need to be proactive. Here are some ways to do just that.

Make It Easy to Leave a Review

Understand when customers are likely to leave a comment. For example, immediately after the customer submits an online order, the business can ask the customer to rate their shopping experience. The reviewer will then stick to the shopping experience in the review. After a week or so, the company can ask the customer how they enjoyed the product. They should have already used the product by that point and will be more likely to provide an honest opinion.

Share the Online Review

Reviews can be used on websites, promotional materials, and social media. Making it possible for the client to share their experience through structured surveys is an easy way to get shareable reviews and helpful feedback. Businesses can ask the client whether they would recommend the service or product to their friends. If they say yes, the survey can redirect them to a share page. If the client says no, the survey can redirect them to another question, such as what they think would improve the service.

Engage With the Audience

Comments, mentions, questions, and other interactive options can improve brand experience and exposure. Customers want to feel valued. Engagement plays a part in enhancing the overall user experience. Companies can minimize the number of negative reviews they get through customer engagement. If someone is adamant to recommend a product, the company should know why. If a company's Google reviews are negative, online reputation management services are available.

Incorporate Reviews in Local SEO Efforts

Keywords are critical in SEO. In local SEO, keywords feature prominently in SERPs. A business' SEO efforts must start with a strong keyword strategy. A simple way to find the keywords is by scouring through review sites. The common keywords used to describe the business can be easily incorporated into a marketing plan.


Google knows that nine out of 10 customers view and trust Google reviews. A company that is proactive about online reviews can reap big rewards. To do that, encourage reviews, engage reviewers, and proudly and strategically share online reviews for all to see. Businesses can also enlist an online reputation management consultant to deal with negative reviews.