Wifi Marketing & How Local Businesses Are Using It

Build a Brand and Attract Local Customers With Wi-Fi Marketing

Wi-Fi marketing is a convenient way for a small business to get a few more customers through the door on autopilot. Businesses can accomplish this by:

• Providing free mobile hotspots

• Providing easy Wi-Fi connections via social media

• Showing up in nearby hotspots

1. Offer Free Wi-Fi Hotspots to Customers

Research has shown that 44 percent of customers prefer to visit business locations that offer Wi-Fi services, and that number continues to grow. Wi-Fi hotspots might have seemed like a cute but unessential perk a few years ago, but today, the availability of Wi-Fi seriously influences where people shop. Now that most businesses offer free hotspots to their customers, those locations that do not offer this perk may find themselves losing business.

This is especially true for restaurants, cafes and fast-food joints, but it can also have an impact on many other types of retail and service-oriented businesses. With competition as fierce as it is today, no small business can afford to lose customers simply due to a lack of Wi-Fi connectivity.

2. Offer Social Wi-Fi Services

Social Wi-Fi is similar to regular Wi-Fi but with one major difference: Customers don’t need to create an account or give up their email address to use the service. They simply log in with their social media account info from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The major benefit here for a small business is that once logged on, the customer lands directly on the host’s social media page, prompting a potential like or follow. This provides an easy way for businesses to grow their social media following, get more check-ins and connect with customers in the future.

3. Capitalize on Nearby Hotspots to Build Brand Awareness

Wi-Fi hotspot activity helps people find nearby businesses. To create a picture of how this might work, consider a hypothetical story.

Say a cellphone company has its router set up in-store with its Wi-Fi network labeled as the company name. A patron at a nearby cafe might be logging onto the cafe’s hotspot to check their email. In the list of available Wi-Fi networks, they notice that the cellphone company's network is also listed. If that person has been disappointed with their current cellphone provider or they just need a certain accessory, they may decide to go check it out after finishing their coffee.

With the shifts in consumer behavior favoring mobile-friendly businesses, it’s important to take advantage of free Wi-Fi hotspots and social Wi-Fi features to increase engagement with local customers.