Understanding the Importance of Text Message Marketing

Have You Thought About the Importance of Text Message Marketing?

Text message marketing provides a simple and unobtrusive way to reach out to potential customers. In recent years, text messaging has become very popular in people’s personal lives as well as digital advertising. This era of digital outreach looks to the mobility of your leads and the devices they’re using.

Adapting to Mobility

Mobile marketing is an intricate science. Roughly 90 percent of all American adults now carry a cellphone. The beauty of text messages is that you don’t need an internet connection to send or read them, and every basic cellphone can use this messaging system. This means, that you can reach your entire target audience without wondering if they’re able to get the message.

Mobile adaptability is a top reason for using text for daily outreach. Here are a couple of more reasons why this option is so important in today’s world:

• Texts Get Noticed

Text messages get opened within the first two to four minutes they’re received. Unlike email, the reader doesn’t have to log in to access them. The recipient simply gets an audible or sensory notification, and the message can appear right on their locked screen-savers.

• People Are Always on Their Phones

Just imagine what it’s like to get automatic responses to the questions you send. Texts are effective at reaching potential customers because people are always checking their phones. In fact, the average person looks at their phone every 12 minutes in the hopes of seeing a message.

Marketing Diversity

The multimedia capacity of SMS marketing allows readers to view interactive media. Such campaigns use content in the form of video, text and audio. The interactivity of this allows you to enter your consumer’s lives in an unobtrusive and exciting way. You’ll have the option of sending:

• Coupons

• Event schedules

• Sales updates

Thinking About the Future

There’s a higher ROI when you market with text. The 95 percent open rate of SMS text messaging means that your marketing will get noticed if you choose this channel in order to reach customers. Consider the potential and become more diverse in your strategy.

The closer you get to the personal lives of your leads, the closer you get to the rewards you’ve been seeking.