Tips To Improve Your Website

In the earlier days of the Internet, an individual would simply log onto their computer with the sole purpose of finding a business’s information via their website. Now, people are on mobile devices and personal computers more than ever before.

While having a social media presence is most definitely integral for your business, your website functionality and optimization have become even more vital in connecting with your repeat and potential customers. But what about the website design landscape has changed since the years before social media, both in terms of form and function?

With years of digital marketing expertise, Loyalty Health has compiled several strategies for optimizing and improving business websites for a multitude of industries. From streamlining functionality with responsive design to strategizing how to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with content, take a look at some topics that are sure to drive more leads!

Start With Your Homepage

We are all customers at some point every single day. Whether you search for a local restaurant or a bicycle store, viewing a messy, malfunctioning, and severely neglected homepage to a website makes you question the legitimacy of the business’s products or services, doesn’t it?

A lackluster homepage can be quite detrimental, mainly because it is the first area recognized by search engines. Because of this, quality content on your homepage is of especially high importance. Your SEO strategy should reflect Keyword-friendly writing for your homepage without being too wordy.

Tasteful incorporation of a call-to-action with a goal-driven purpose behind it should be present on your homepage as well. Many antiquated website design practices constrain a call-to-action to a business’s contact page; however, Loyalty Health knows that presenting it right on the homepage is functionally important.

Humans Use Websites

The emergence of smartphones and other mobile devices prompted the conversation about user experience, making homepage content that appeals to both customers and SEO functionality only a small part of a successful website design formula.

User experience pertains to the function and how efficiently the website operates once a repeat or potential customer is using it. As a business, it is beneficial to occasionally conduct a small website audit, tasking a team member with using your website on different devices like a new customer.

Is your website responsive, where no matter what device it is opened on, all pages adjust in size and layout accordingly? Is your call-to-action operational? Is the aesthetic design cohesive with your brand, and functionally, are the images, fonts, and motion graphics up to current website design standards? These are important questions to ask during an internal website audit.

Loyalty Health

When your potential or repeat customers arrive at your website, you want them to have a pleasant experience. The team at Loyalty Health are experts in Search Engine Optimization, with a special focus on ensuring that your brand and mission are adequately and efficiently represented to the world.

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