Unique Performance Marketing + Automatic Customer Reviews & Referrals

Unique Performance Marketing + Automatic Customer Reviews & Referrals

We will have new clients begging for your company services

UNLIMITED New Customers
UNLIMITED 5-Star Reviews
UNLIMITED Friends & Family Referrals

Home Services / Contractors
Roofers, Plumbers, HVAC, Electricians, and many more!

Legal Service Providers / Lawyers Attorneys
Tax, Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Divorce, and many more!

Healthcare Professionals
Dentists, Veterinarians, Massage, Acupuncturist, and many more!

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Loyalty Health’s Exclusive Invisible Geofencing for Businesses

Cutting edge mobile marketing is here.

A “Geofence” is an invisible virtual fence we can put around any building, home or entire neighborhood, in any geometric shape and when a homeowner or anyone crosses through the invisible virtual geofence… they will receive one of your custom designed business display ads on their mobile device.

These perfectly timed ads drive new and exclusive customers into your business like magic!

  • Put a Geofence around your competitions building and re-direct their customers to you

  • Say you’re a Roofing contractor…put a Geofence around an entire neighborhood after a bad storm

  • Geofence a new homeowners house, welcome them to the neighborhood and invite them to come visit your business (possibly offer a free service/sample). New homeowners are like gold to your business and you need to grab their loyalty before the competition does.

  • Use Geofencing to target convention centers, stadiums, sporting events, trade shows.

Loyalty Health’s Invisible Geofencing for Businesses is unlike anything you have ever seen or used before and is only available with our exclusive proprietary services!

No Long Term Contracts or Cancellation Fees

Risk free…We earn your business every day…and that’s how it should be!