Your “Marketing Director” With Other Job Titles is Set Up to Fail

Why You Need More Than Just a Dedicated Marketer

Marketing is thriving now more than ever, and nowadays, it's not uncommon for a modern marketer to wear many hats. You might find that your director is skilled and proficient in a variety of areas, but performing many different duties could actually hinder your chances of success.

Today, a marketing director is often left in charge of a business's entire marketing strategy. This doesn't mean they simply develop, track and refine campaigns. Instead, they are wholly responsible for the conception, design, launch, integration and management of marketing across various sectors and platforms.

Even the most capable marketing director is going to fail when they're placed in charge of so many projects and unique campaigns. Many people might place their head content marketer as the social media manager, too, but this could be setting yourself up for failure.

The fact that content is posted to social media for promotion doesn't mean a dedicated marketer who writes killer blog posts and knows WordPress like the back of their hand is going to be able to effectively market on social media.

Variety Breeds Necessity

There are thousands of types of marketing today. Digital marketing ranges from content strategy to publishing, social media management and content integration. All of these branches rely on one another to create an effective campaign and manage a brand, but one person isn't able to successfully stay on top of current trends and flawlessly execute each unique set of responsibilities.

A business with a good content strategy will have a marketing consultant that paints the big picture and a content writer who turns their work in to an editor who in turn reports to a content execution specialist.

You may find that certain people are equipped to perform multiple duties given the size of your business or the scope of a project, but one director won't be able to maintain a strategy as a business grows. Work and demand only increase with success, so your staff should expand as well.

Publishing content alone can be a full-time job. Your marketing budget is meant to cover every avenue of the advertising pipeline, but it's not feasible for one person alone to keep everything in working order without slipping up or falling behind.

Finding the Right People for the Job

Working with digital marketers means understanding the unique role each person has on a team. A marketing consultant is able to advise you on what type of professionals are ideal for helping you manage your current strategy while also reaching new business goals.

Together, you can craft a marketing budget that incorporates everyone and everything your brand needs to reach its next milestone.