You Have Merchant Processing Options

As a business owner, the list of expenses seems endless. Credit and debit card processing fees, along with lengthy waiting periods in receiving the funds, are cumbersome. So if these obstacles are still getting in your way in today’s digitally diverse world, the question is why?

They shouldn’t be! The days of intermediary fees and wait periods to receive payment are in our rearview mirrors. Here at Loyalty Health, we focus intently on helping your business foster long-term relationships with customers through our merchant processing services, free to our digital marketing clients!

What exactly are our merchant processing services, and how does each one of them benefit you and your customers? Take a look and discover for yourself just what we can do to help your business succeed.

Free Credit and Debit Card Processing

As a customer, imagine swiping your credit or debit card to purchase groceries, housewares, or clothing, and the initial amount shown on the register or in your online shopping cart ends up being exactly what is charged or debited from your account?

This is an actual service we provide! We have transformed paying with cards into a process that emulates paying with cash, working with all card types, including credit, debit, EMV Smart Chip cards, mobile payments, and more.

As a business, our free credit and debit card processing service eliminates thousands of dollars of card processing fees that plague your balance sheet yearly. Instead of this money going to an intermediary to support an antiquated system, our free credit card terminal puts those thousands back into your bottom line!

Next-Day Funding

Do you ever consider how much time is wasted waiting for deposits after batching out sales for the day? Even some of the best online merchant processing systems still require up to three days to deposit funds into a business account, again taking fees right from your income.

This is another dated concept that our team at Loyalty Health strives to put to rest. Why should you have to wait? With our lightning-fast next-day funding service, you can batch out your credit and debit transactions by 11:30 PM EST and quite literally receive your deposit within hours! No longer will you wait, refreshing your mobile banking apps day in and day out to see when a deposit finally arrives.

As wait times and fees diminish with our services, you also have access to our in-depth financial reporting capabilities. This can be viewed over time, or right down to the very transaction logged moments prior.

We Don’t Charge Fees, Either

As we mentioned earlier, these merchant processing services are free to our digital marketing customers. We think of it as a way to help you, earning your loyalty as our customer every day.

If you have any questions regarding these and other services afforded to you by Loyalty Health, consider scheduling a twenty-minute call with your Success Manager today, and or call 800-411-6022 today to discover how we can help grow your business.