HR + Payroll

HR + Payroll

Solutions based on data driven research and experience

Spending too much time and money on HR Payroll and not your business?

Other HR Payroll companies easily charge up to $50+ (or more) per employee/per month for services, which if you have 10 employees is more than $5000+ per year in needless expenses hurting your company. Eliminate that overhead and convert it back into profits with Loyalty Health.

No cost for up to 10 employees

Total tax



HR 360

Total Tax Service

Prevent penalties and fees by letting us handle everything including…

Automatic deduction and deposit of all Federal, State, Local and Unemployment taxes, plus we process and send out your year end employee W-2’s and 1099’s.

Additional deductions such as 401k, Medical, Dental, Vision, reimbursements for vehicle, mileage, etc. and even employee garnishments for things like child support, tax levy’s…all done automatically for your business.

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Employee Tracking System

Track and monitor every employee from before day 1 with your company to current status.

Job postings / Interviews / Background Checks / Onboarding / Employee Paperwork / Documents / Employee Handbook-Policies (created for you) / Reviews / Ongoing Employee Performance / All the way to termination and post-termination (if necessary), plus everything in-between.

Employee Portal

Keep your employees happy and engaged as they automatically track pay, time off, see company news, receive notices, download tax documents (W-2’s, etc.), update emergency contacts, see paystubs and much more.

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HR 360 Library

An incredibly valuable 24hr search tool, which allows you to keep up with (State and Federal specific) hiring rules, labor laws and regulations PLUS accurate up to date information on all HR topics.

No Long Term Contracts or Cancellation Fees

Risk free…We earn your business every day…and that’s how it should be!